API and Dotypos

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API and Dotypos

API is an interface for application programming that enables your e-shop, accounting or booking system, or other information system, to use the server for communication with your Dotypos. This requires your data to be synchronized and up-to-date, so they can be used in the specific information system. For API there is also available the PHP library.

A good example is the automatic transfer of your accounting data from Dotypos to the accounting system, so the accounting department does not have to record sales data once again.

To communicate with this interface your information system has to be modified, so first you should contact the supplier of this system (e-shop or accounting system) and the software engineer will make the required adjustments in the system.

For this reason, the purpose of this guide is to provide a general overview of Dotypos API and its functions, and give basic instructions to those persons who will set up the system communication with this API.





You can monitor the status of the API interface on the page https://status.dotykacka.cz. The critical functions of the API interface can be also monitored simply by verifying the page api.dotykacka.cz.


Last update: 18.06.2020