Analytic tools

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Analytic tools

Analytic tools is a set of diagrams and important information from the cash register system. You can see here graphic representations of sales or stock information including predictions when the goods are likely to be sold out. The information is split between two tabs:



The SALES tab provides several diagrams with graphic representations of sales. The graphs show data corresponding to the last 3 months, last month, last week and preceding day, if not stated otherwise below. You will find there the following diagrams:

Hourly sales overview
Displays a thermal map of sales during the last 4 weeks.

Number of items on the receipt

Average margin

Number of issued receipts per day

Average sum on the receipt
The graph displays the average of the data from the graph Profit from categories.

Profit from categories
Shows the most profitable categories during the last 3 months.

Amount of annual sales
Displays the total amount of sales during the last 12 months in sums per week.





The WAREHOUSES tab offers surveys of individual products with information about mean daily sales and current stock. On the basis of this information, the tab displays an estimate about the time to the likely out-of-stock status. The calculation is based on sales in the past three weeks where the highest calculation weight is represented by last week’s sales. The estimated out-of-stock status in days is highlighted with the colors (green / yellow / red) according to the days remaining until the moment when the goods will be sold out. This analysis can be used for the order planning of new goods.




We are planning the further development of analytic tools. Later, we will add more possibilities, e.g. a user-defined time period for the selected graph and more options for data selection.