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Help Center

pomoc1The Help Center dialog centralizes all important information to be provided to technical support. Here you will find a link to this user manual and the knowledge database. This dialog also lets you run/install TeamViewer Quick Support to enable technical specialists to have a remote connection to the touch cash register.


Help Center options:

User manual

Link to this user manual. Tapping the manual opens the default internet browser. To display it correctly, it is recommended to use Google Chrome.

Knowledge database

Linking to the knowledge database at the technical support page. Tapping the page opens the default internet browser.

Send a query to technical support

Tapping it opens a simple form for sending queries to technical support. The process for sending a query can be found in this chapter.

Run TeamViewer

Tapping it opens a page in the Google Play Store for downloading TeamViewer Quick Support. A technician can use this application to connect directly to the touch cash register or tablet and carry out the necessary settings. Of course, a working Internet connection is required. To see the process please see this chapter.

Send data to the developer

Using this option automatically creates an email message with technical data and information about the touch cash register settings. Please use this option only when asked to do so by technical support.

Wi-Fi settings

Displays the name (SSID) of the wireless network to which the cash register is connected. The actual IP address of the cash register is displayed in parentheses.

Other applications to download

Link to the page in Google Play Store with all Dotypos applications. This page lets you verify whether you are using the most recent version of Dotypos and related applications.

About the application

Application version number Click to display information about the used license code and items in the database.