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» You can find this setting in the Application settings. «

Prices lets you create temporary or regular prices and markdown events. Prices of selected products may vary according to defined rules. The price will be automatically adjusted in accordance with defined rules and returned to the original value when the set period is over. You can choose from the following options:



Rules created to cover temporary changes in prices can be adjusted only via Dotypos Cloud.

In the case of multiple rules for the same time period, the rule with the lower price will apply. So, if beer is at a discounted price of 25 CZK from Monday till Friday and at the same time for 20 CZK during Happy Hours on Thursday, it will be for 20 CZK on Thursday.


Add all

In some dialog windows (Prices, Warehouses and selected lists), there is the button Add all 01. This button lets you move all products to the editing window 02where you can do more operations with them. The image below is an example of how to stock in all products: