What to do when sales do not “fiscalize”?

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What to do when sales do not “fiscalize”?

If you have set up the ERS mode correctly and the receipts are not being sent to the Financial Administration, there are several options for solving it. Most problems are caused by a malfunctioning or unstable internet connection. There is no need to panic, you have 2 days to finish the “fiscalization”.

How to verify a functioning internet connection in the cash register?

Having an active icon for Wi-Fi connection in the cash register does not mean that the internet connection is actually working. The cash register can be connected to the wireless network, but there might be no internet connectivity in this network. So, open the web browser in the cash register and enter any new website, i.e. one you have never previously visited in the past. If the page loads successfully, the internet connection is working. In case of problems with the connection, contact your network administrator or internet connection provider.


On the desktop of the cash register, tap on the icon to display all applications.




In the list of installed applications, choose the application Internet or other browser you have installed, such as Chrome.




In the address line in the browser, enter the address of any website that you have never previously visited. This web page is not saved in the browser cache, so it will be loaded completely. If the page is displayed, the internet is working and you’ve got it sorted.



Now you can try to resend (record) the unsent receipts to the Financial Administration following these instructions.


How to send documents at once to Financial Administration that have not been sent and recorded earlier?

Documents that have not yet been recorded by the Financial Administration servers can be sent with the option Fiscalize documents in the tile menu. If some documents have not been received by the Financial Administration, you will be notified by the icon menu-chyba. Selecting the option Fiscalize documents will attempt to send (record) again ALL documents that have not been recorded by the Financial Administration.

If the documents are not successfully sent to Financial Administration this way, repeat the recording of the receipts in History (see these instructions).





If only some products are not sent to the Financial Administration, check the properties of categories or products to see whether the switch Do not fiscalize is active.