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If you are creating supplier records, you can assign products to these suppliers during stock in. This gets you up to speed and allows you to create reports by supplier.

Help function Multiple select allows you to choose multiple items to be moved to another category, deleted or modified (e.g. the tax rate or other parameters).


In Dotypos Cloud you can also batch import the supplier from the prepared .csv file. This file has the same structure as the file you get when exporting suppliers from Dotypos Cloud. However, the import and export of items is only supported in Dotypos FULL.


How do I add and delete suppliers?


In the item Item management » Suppliers click on the blue button + Add 01. If you have already created any suppliers, use the button 05 to edit the supplier and the button 06 to delete it. Only the supplier will be deleted, not the products, which remain intact.

Use the buttons 01 to export records, button 02 to carry out batch properties adjustments and button 03 for the supplier to be imported.




Now enter the supplier’s name and other information. After completing the Registration Number click on the icon 01 to load the information from ARES. Finally, save everything by clicking on the button Save. The name is the only required entry. The supplier can be temporarily hidden in the cash register with the switch 02.