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» You can find this setting in the Application settings. «

Here you enable and set up your own series of numbers for numbering invoices.

Enable invoices

By turning this on you enable the option to issue an invoice in Dotypos. In the settlement dialog, select the option Set as invoice. You can set your own series of numbers for numbering invoices, see more options below.


A space for your own text that will be placed into the footer of generated invoices.


Series of numbers

Use separate invoice numbering

Enables or disables your own series of numbers for invoices. If this option is active, enter into the field Invoice numbering the initial number for invoice numbering. The first issued invoice gets this number and then each one increases the number by one. If this option is enabled, this document number will be automatically used as the variable symbol for an invoice settled by bank transfer.

If this option is not active, the same series of numbers will be used for invoices as for other documents in these settings.

Invoice numbering

The initial number that will be used for numbering the next issued invoice.

If you set e.g. the number 201800300, the next invoice will be printed out as a tax document numbered 201800301. (Recommended settings for most establishments would begin with the number 2018XXXXX to mark the current year and each year the number would change.)

In section Number prefix you can set your own prefix for automated invoice numbering, where the invoice number can include text, the year, the month, the day and a sequential number, for example f201806250012. Just enter the correct wildcard symbols and characters, you can use the following:


4 digits of the year (2018)


2 digits of the year (18)


2 digits of the month (06)


2 digits of the day (25)

0-9 a-z A-Z . : ; / # _

permitted characters

The usable characters and wildcard symbols can be displayed by clicking on the question mark icon. The maximum length of the whole invoice number may not exceed 25 characters. The same numbering options are also available for receipts. The initial number used by Dotypos when numbering (document counter) can be changed as needed.

Subject to the entered wildcard symbols, the counter can be reset automatically every year, month or day. If you use the wildcard symbol for the year + the sequential number, the counter will be reset annually. If you use the wildcard symbol for the year and the month, the counter will be reset monthly. And if you use the wildcard symbol for the day as well, you will have a new sequence of invoices for every day. Every day the sequential number will be automatically set to 1. You can enable the reset by checking off the option Reset document counter.



In the section Document counter set the number of digits for the document sequential number using the corresponding buttons. The number of digits should reflect your operation. If you issue 560 invoices a day on average, set 3 or better 4 digits. Thus you will reserve the sequence from 1 to 9999 for your invoice series. Remember that if you only use the wildcard symbol for the year in the prefix, your sequence will only be reset at the beginning of the next year. In that case you need a sequence long enough for the whole year.