Data filtering by date

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Data filtering by date

There is lots of information in Dotypos Cloud you can filter by the selected time period. To do this use the field Date filter (range), which you find in the heading of every page. It contains data which can be filtered this way. You may choose in the calendar from the preset ranges Today, Yesterday, Last 7 days, This month and Last month. Clicking on the preset range automatically sets the calendar to the selected period. In addition, you can limit listed recordings to the last day, week, month or year using the buttons in the heading.



If you need to choose your own range select Custom 01 and click on the right and the left month to select the beginning and the end of the desired data period for listing. In the fields 02 and 03 you can also write the date directly in the format mm/dd/yyyy. Clicking on the icon 04 and 05 it browses the calendar by months. Finally, confirm the selected range by clicking on Filter. 06.




When you just need to set up a one-day time period, click twice on the selected date on the left or the right-hand month. The blue square on the calendar will indicate to you the properly selected date. If it is rounded, it means everything has been entered correctly and the calendar will now allow you to save the setting with Filter.