Generating reports and overviews

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Generating reports and overviews

The overviews, reports, and data exports to .csv or Excel formats are generated in the background. This means you no longer have to wait until the data is generated. You will be notified about the generated overview by a message in the browser. All generated reports and overviews can be found in REPORTS » HISTORY OF REPORTS AND OVERVIEWS, where they are available to be downloaded anytime.

You can also move to the page with the generated overviews by clicking on the icon 01 in the Dotypos Cloud settings. Once there are any generated data available, this icon will flash in green.

With the Upload 02 button you can upload the selected data, and with the Delete 03 button you can delete the selected export. To delete all previously exported data and reports, use the button Delete all. 04.



How do I generate data?


On the selected page, overview or report, use the button to export to Excel or .csv format.




Now the desired overview or report will be generated in the background. Once the data is ready to be downloaded in the REPORTS » HISTORY OF OVERVIEWS AND REPORTS tab, the information bubble appears in the bottom right corner. Click on this communication to download the desired file directly.