Importing ingredients

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Importing ingredients

» Available only in Dotypos FULL and higher. «

Ingredient is a kind of product feature not stocked out of the warehouse, but only the product’s ingredients are. This lets you define at the point of sale of a product the exactly defined quantity of other items to be stocked out of the warehouse.

Examples of ingredients:
Create coffee, milk and coffee with milk products. When charging coffee with milk, the product itself will not be stocked out of the warehouse, but only the corresponding amount of its ingredients (coffee and milk). You can use ingredients when selling draft beverages or when you stock out 0.3 or 0.5 liter of another common product (barrel). You can also stock out from the warehouse various hair dressing preparations that consist of ingredients in an uneven proportion.

You can set the warehouse ingredients directly in the cash register in Dotypos Cloud. The third option is to perform a batch import of ingredients. However the products that will consist of the imported ingredients have to be created in the cash register already. In the file for importing ingredients, you also define which product the ingredients belong to.


To import ingredients, you may only use products and ingredients created in advance. The import of ingredients does not create new products!


Let’s import the ingredients


Select the products for which you want to set the ingredients. In the file for importing ingredients, these products are defined using the externalId, which is the item External label in the product properties. You can also find the External label (externalID) in the file with exported products.

When importing ingredients you have to use the ID numbers of previously created products/ingredients. So mark down the ID numbers of the created products that will be used for importing ingredients. Subsequently enter these numbers into the file for importing ingredients - column parentExtId or (when used as ingredients) childExtId. See the description below.






Log into Dotypos Cloud and go to REPORTS 01. On the right side, select the report Ingredient overview 02.




After selecting this report, click on the button Import 03 in the top right corner.




A page for inserting the import file and uploading it opens. The following procedure is identical to performing a batch import of other items. You cab find a sample procedure for importing in this chapter. The detailed description of the file for importing ingredients can be found below. The upper part of the page is for importing, and the bottom part with warehouse selection is for generating the ingredients report.



Description of import file columns

Ingredients import file


Unique number of a previously created product. This product number must be unique. This number will be used for the assignment of ingredients to the product.


The easiest way to find the number of the created product is to export the existing products from the cash register or to look at the External label in product preferences.


Name of sold product. This name will represent the ingredient product in the cash register.


Unique number of a previously created product that will be used for ingredients. You can add more ingredients to one product. Just create new records (rows) with the identical number of the product parentExtId. Each row represents one ingredient.


Ingredient name


Ingredient quantity (e.g. 0.5)


The unit of the ingredient (e.g. Liter, overview of applicable units can be found here).


Number identifying a deleted ingredient product (1 or 0 - deleted/non-deleted). Once a product has been deleted, it no longer appears on the cash register. The default value is 0.

Required fields are marked in bold, while all other items (data) are optional.


Sample of a correctly prepared file for importing ingredients

In the picture below, there is a sample of a file for import with two products for ingredients - Kofola and Café Latté. Café Latté consists of two ingredients - coffee and milk.




Remember that products with ingredients should not be stocked outside of the warehouse. On the other hand, in cash registers the ingredients should be hidden so the crew cannot charge them separately. So check whether you have correctly set the products used for importing ingredients.