Installing applications

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Installing applications

To ensure that all used programs are up to date, the touch cash register is installed without applications. To install the current versions, use the Dotypos Marketplace, which will appear on the main screen after the cash register is turned on.


How do I install the current versions of the cash register applications?


To install the applications, click on the screen of the running cash register in the bottom left corner at the Marketplace. Eventually on the desktop click on Install Dotypos.




In Dotypos Marketplace the Dotypos application will now be available. If it is not being installed now, click on INSTALL to install this application.




As soon as you install Dotypos, in Marketplace other applications will be available. Continue with installing other cash register applications, e.g. Warehouse or Reservation. However, the use of other cash register applications depends on your Dotypos license.




With the application Marketplace the installed applications are also automatically updated. If regular updates of applications do not run automatically, delete the data of the Marketplace application in the application settings of the Android system by following these instructions.


Installing applications from Google Play

You can also find the basic applications for Dotypos in Google Play. If your tablet does not have Dotypos Marketplace, you can download and install some applications from this store. In the tablet, first you have to create a new Google account or log into an existing one. Find the detailed guide for how to create a Google account in the tablet manufacturer’s documentation.



If you use Google Play, make sure you install and run the Dotypos application first; only after that can you install other related applications (e.g. Warehouse, Payment terminal driver, Weighing machine driveretc.). Otherwise, some applications may not work properly.