How Dotypos works?

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How Dotypos works?

The cash register system consists of two basic parts. The first part is the touch cash register itself (or more registers), connected to the Internet and with peripherals such as a printer or bar code reader. The second part is Dotypos Cloud, a simple web application that provides regular data backups as well as the advanced management of the whole system.

Data and any changes in every cash register are automatically synchronized with Dotypos Cloud. So you always have up to date information at hand in all devices even when you get a new cash register or replace one. Dotypos Cloud provides an option for permanent surveillance over cash register operations. The information keeps you updated in real time, not just on sales. Find out detailed information about Dotypos Cloud in this chapter.



You can add new functions to Dotypos using additional applications:

icon_rezervaceReservation system
An easy system for entering and managing table/room reservations.

icon_mobilni_cisnikMobile Waiter / Mobile terminal
The Mobile terminal allows you to serve customers directly “on site,” including printing receipts on a mobile wireless printer.

icon_telasistantPhone assistant
An easy application for phone orders where the appropriate customer account is paired with the incoming call and you can create an order for this account immediately.



The cash register system Dotypos is certified by an independent certification authority for cybernetic security, data protection and EET.