Table map

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Table map

mapa1The table map is automatically enabled if you select in the activation wizard Restaurant/coffee bar. In other cases you can enable/disable the table map in advanced settings of Dotypos.

The table map also allows a scheme of tables to be created corresponding to the position of these tables at your establishment. Afterward, you can charge or park the already created orders to individual tables. The items in one account can be divided among more tables or orders to reflect customers’ demands for payment.

The table map can contain up to 5 pages and you can easily switch among them. On each page you can have tables displayed corresponding to one room or hall. You can set the number of pages in the Table map in the Dotypos advanced settings.



If you use the table map, you will benefit from the easy reservation system that allows the creation and registration of reservations using an easy application. For more information, see the chapter Reservation.


In this chapter you learn:


If the Table map is active, it is displayed on the right side of the Dotypos main screen instead of in the product cards. To charge, first click to choose the desired table and then products and categories will appear. Afterwards, charge the specified table as usual by choosing products.

You can display the table map anytime by clicking on TABLE MAP in the tile menu.



How do I create and adjust the table map?


On the Dotypos main screen, click on the pencil icon 01 in the right top corner above the table map. This will activate the map adjustment mode.




The rectangle with the page number in the bottom right corner is only visible if more than one page has been set in Table map settings.



Then click on the button + 02 as many times as the tables you wish to add. The tables are then added to the map. Holding and dragging the display lets you move each table to its desired location 03. Once all the tables have been moved, click on the button 04 and save your changes.




To adjust individual tables, go back to the map adjustment mode by clicking on the pencil icon in the right top corner above the table map. Then choose the table you want to adjust and click on it. A dialog with table properties will open. Enter the table name 05 here. Clicking on the selected picture lets you determine how the table will look on the map 06. The number of seats 07 is important for the reservations. If you need to remove a table from the map, click on the button REMOVE THIS TABLE 08. Finally, save everything by clicking SAVE.



How do I move a saved table?


On the Dotypos main screen click on the pencil icon 01 in the right top corner above the table map. This will activate the map adjustment mode.




To activate the movement mode, click on the switch 02. Afterward, click on the table and move it to the desired location 03 by moving your finger on the display. Once you have finished editing, save the changes using the icon 04. If table moving is active, you may not adjust the table’s properties.



How do I charge with a table map?

To open and manage an order assigned to a specific table, see this chapter. You can also divide and transfer items in one order and assigned to one table to a new or current order.


How to create table booking?

Dotypos can be used for table booking thanks to the separate Reservations application. As soon as you install this application in the touch cash register you can make reservations for individual tables in a well-arranged calendar. This simple booking system will replace the still commonly used paper book. Find more information about the Dotypos booking system in a separate chapter.

Booked tables are indicated in the table map by a purple R 30 minutes before the beginning and 10 minutes after the beginning of the booking time.