Loading a certificate into cash register

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Loading a certificate into cash register

If you have an ERS Certificate from the Financial Administration at hand, follow the next steps to set up ERS mode in your cash register. There are two ways to load the certificate in your touch cash register:

Via Dotypos Cloud from any computer (recommended process)

By loading it directly to the cash register using the connected flash disk or an email message.



Load the certificate into the cash register only as instructed below. Android may otherwise require a PIN to be entered to protect the certificate and if you forget the PIN, the cash register will be blocked! Then technical support will have to unblock it.

Please check that the cash register is connected to the Internet prior to loading the certificate.


How do I load the certificate in the cash register?

Loading the certificate via Dotypos Cloud

There is a wizard available to set up the ERS in Dotypos Cloud that will guide you through the settings step by step.


Log into Dotypos Cloud at https://admin.dotykacka.cz/login. Here you get the credentials after activating Dotypos. Once you have logged in, click on the cloud icon in the right top corner and select esales from the left menu. The ERS settings wizard will appear.




Select one or more cash registers you want to set up ERS mode. To select, click on the pull-down menu under the cash register icon NewItem45. Click on the names from the displayed list of all available cash registers to select them. You can select as many cash registers as you wish. Click on the button Next when you are done.




Enter information about your establishment. You will receive the establishment number and the correct tax identification number (TIN) for your company when you register it at the Financial Administration portal www.daneelektronicky.cz. So we recommend to enter the information you will see after signing in at that page. After adding the information, click on Next to continue. The system will notify you of any item you forgot to fill in.




Now select the certificate you have downloaded from www.daneelektronicky.cz. The certificate must be in .p12 format, e.g. 1234567890.p12. The Password must be added to the certificate, which you received either in the written authentication data (if you visited the Financial Administration in person) or from the on-line application at www.daneelektronicky.cz. Use Finish to close the wizard.



After finishing the wizard you will see just the downloaded certificate in the bottom part of this page together with information about applicable cash registers. You will also see supplementary information, e.g. TIN, Establishment number and the Date when the ERS settings were created.



You can add more certificates with ERS settings by running the wizard again using the Add button.



After finishing the wizard, the activation of the ERS mode in the cash register will take place automatically.


Loading the certificate directly in the cash register

You can set up ERS directly in the cash register, however you have to save the file with the certificate in the cash register, e.g. in a USB key. If you run the certificate accidentally and forget the set password, the cash register may become blocked. So we recommend instead to use the previous option and set ERS mode in Dotypos Cloud.



In Application settings, choose ERS settings.




It will run the wizard to help you fill out the basic information necessary to use the cash register in ERS mode and to load the certificate.

The first step is to enter your TIN and the establishment number. You get this information after signing in at the Financial Administration portal www.daneelektronicky.cz. After adding the information, click on Continue.




The next step is to click on SELECT FILE WITH CERTIFICATE.




Choose the certificate from the location where you have saved it. You can copy the certificate to the cash register from the connected flash disk. If you have an active email account in the cash register, you can simply have the certificate sent to the cash register as an email attachment.



Just save the certificate from the email or flash disk, do not run it. If you run the certificate, the import certificate system wizard will launch and require your own PIN or another security component to be entered. If you forget the PIN or the gesture thereafter, the cash register will be blocked!







After choosing the certificate, enter its password and confirm it by clicking on OK.




Click on Finish settings to close the wizard. Then continue by enabling ERS mode in Dotypos.




After finishing the wizard, you have to activate the ERS mode in the cash register. From this moment on the cash register will “fiscalize” (record with the Financial Administration) the receipts.