Settings and using of margins

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Settings and using of margins

How to set up the checking or recalculation of the product margin during stock in?

When stocking in products in, Dotypos lets you check and automatically count up the previously set specific product margin.


How Dotypos calculates the purchase price?


Note: Dotypos does not use FIFO to calculate the purchase price.



First set the margin for the selected product in product details. The margin can be defined as a value in Czech koruna or in percent. In that case the value has to be entered with a percent sign (e.g. 20%). The picture below shows the margin entered in Czech koruna.




Prior to stocking in products, select whether you just want to be notified of the margin set (the Just notice button) 01or whether you want the system to automatically calculate it (the Recalculate sales price button) 02. Once you add any product to stock in with Add, Add all or Import, you cannot use the margin checking or recalculation buttons anymore.




Now add the product to stock in and the program will respond in accordance with the option selected in the preceding step. If you selected the option Notice only, you will get the program notice Price out of margin under the field Sale price including VAT 02when the purchase price including VAT 01 + selected margin is higher than the sales price including VAT.


Examples of settings:

In the next example, the average purchase price WITHOUT VAT comes to CZK 20 and is CZK 30 when the margin is set, which is less than the figure of CZK 50 including VAT entered into the field Sale price including VAT. So you will be alerted that the set price is less than the margin. In that case you can modify either the purchase or the sale price, so the difference between them is the same as the set margin or higher.



If you select the option Recalculate sale price, the program automatically recalculates the sale price including VAT so that it equals the average purchase price without VAT plus the margin. The following example has a purchase price of CZK 10 excluding VAT entered, but the average purchase price excluding VAT is CZK 20, which is displayed under the field Purchase price without VAT. The purchase price including VAT and a 30 CZK margin is CZK 53, which is the sum automatically calculated and filled into Sale price including VAT.



Under the field Quantity the amount of the selected product in stock is displayed. On the picture above, there are 20 items in stock and so this quantity can be accordingly selected to stock in.


The margin used for stocking in products can be also set for the whole category.