Masterpass settings

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Masterpass settings


For payments using the Masterpass™ method, a QR code is generated in the cash register or on the customer display to be scanned by the customer on their mobile phone in the application Masterpass. Then he/she settles the payment with this application in his mobile phone. Subsequently the information is transferred to the cash register and the order is settled.

This is a very quick payment method only needing a mobile phone with the application active. The payment is subsequently debited from the payment card whose data is entered in the application.

To use this method, an order must be placed on the basis of which we will generate your Merchant ID and a certificate. The activation of the payment method in the cash register and the initialization of the transaction will then be done by the Dotypos engineer via remote connection.



Payment using Masterpass TM is valid starting with Android version 5.0. So you can run it in DOTPO1411. If you are interested in this payment method and you have a cash register with Android 4.2 (DOTPO1401), please contact your sales representative.


Settings for the payment method Masterpass™

Merchant ID

Identification number assigned on the basis of the placed order.


The bank providing the payment method.


Click to select the certificate for communication with the provider. The certificate must be uploaded to the cash register in advance.

Display the Masterpass™ logo on the customer display

If you use a Dotypos 14" customer display, the QR code will be shown on this display during payment, so the customer can just scan it using his/her mobile phone. If the customer display is not connected, the QR code for the payment will be displayed directly in the cash register. It is also important to have installed the latest (up-to-date) version of the application Customer display.



If this payment method is set and activated correctly, it will appear in the payment dialog as a new payment method. Payment using the method MasterpassTMis described in this chapter.