Payment settings

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Payment settings

» You can find this setting in the Application settings. «

In section Payment settings you define payment options and what types of payments will be displayed in the settlement dialog when the order is issued.

Debit/credit card

Activate if you use the external terminal for debit and credit cards.

Card payment settings

By clicking on this option you can select whether the cash register draw also opens when paying by debit/credit card.

icon_masterpass2 Masterpass™

Activate if you have a contract with a bank for this method of payment. After activation you have to go to the settings of this payment method. If this payment method is active, it is shown in the settlement dialog.

Masterpass™ settings

By clicking on this option you set the options for the Masterpass payment method.



If you activate this option, there will be an option to pay by check in the settlement dialog.

Meal vouchers

If you activate this option, there will be an option to pay by meal vouchers in the settlement dialog.

Electronic meal voucher

If you activate this option, there will be an option in the settlement dialog to pay with electronic luncheon vouchers.


A special payment method for subsequently drawing the issued voucher. The issued voucher is a product with 0% VAT and with the tag -voucher. If the customer has an undercharge, you have to divide the payment (Credit/Voucher + cash or debit/credit card).


Specific procedures for selling and receiving coupons (vouchers) and advances, or for selling used goods, can be found in the knowledge database.



After activating this method you can just stock out the items from the warehouse (e.g. when beverage spilled) directly from the settlement dialog. By issuing the receipt with the payment method Write-off all the goods sold will be deducted including the set ingredients. However the regular document is not issued, only a confirmation about the write-off that does not affect in any way sales and the cash register VAT.

After issuing items with the method Write-off the transaction will be recorded correctly as Write-off in the warehouse application as well. Starting with the next version, this warehouse operation will also be available in Dotypos Cloud so you will be able to filter warehouse operations and use write-off also in new reports.

Write-off for products and ingredients

If you are using ingredients, Dotypos also offers to write-off the used ingredients. It is very easy:

1.In the cash register settings activate the payment method Write-off.

2.Then you can also find this payment method in the settlement dialog.

3.Charge the products you need to write-off and “settle” the order using the payment method Write-off.

4.The products will be depreciated, including the ingredients.



If you activate this option, there will be an option in the payment dialog to pay from an invoice and issue an invoice.


If you need to cancel an invoice and issue a credit note, you must cancel the invoice in the cash register in History. Invoice cancellation is the same as standard document cancellation. A new invoice with negative values is issued, the “corrective tax invoice.” This new tax document is entered in the accounting system.


ILQ mobile payment

Dotypos supports payments using the ILQ system, where the mobile phone is used to settle the order.

Accept ILQ payment

Allowing this option lets you display ILQ payment options in the settlement dialog.

Identifying a trade account

Clicking on this option enters either the number of the assigned bank account or the trader's ID you have received from the ILQ system provider.