How to format cells correctly

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How to format cells correctly

» Available only in Dotypos FULL and higher. «

When you modify a CSV file of products exported from Dotypos Cloud in Excel, the column productID in the file for import has to be in TEXT format. If this is not the case, the file will not be imported back to Dotypos Cloud at all, or will be imported incorrectly. To make sure the column productID is in the right format, import the .csv file for import according to the instructions below.



The above is only valid for .csv files exported from already created products in Dotypos Cloud. In other words, it relates to cases involving the modification of existing products. If you do not have any products in the cash register yet, you do not have to fill out this column in the file with new products for import, so its format is not so important.


A fast guide for importing a CSV file with products into MS Excel (version 2016) correctly:

1.Run Microsoft Excel.

2.Click on Data > From text.

3.Select the CSV file to be adjusted in Excel and choose Import.

4.Choose to separate and click on Next.

5.Select the comma separator and continue with Next.

6.Clicking to choose productID > will mark the column black.

7.For the Format of the data in the columns choose Text, continue with Finish and then click OK.

Another option is to export data from Dotypos Cloud directly to the .xls file. After opening the file in Excel and adjusting it, save the file in .csv format and choose Windows-1250 to encode it while importing into Dotypos Cloud.


How to export XLS files and import CSV files:


Select the list 01 to be exported and then in the upper bar click on Excel 02. This will export the file into .xls format.




Open the exported .xls file in Excel, make the desired adjustments and save the file in .csv format.



In editing be alert to the following:

1.When deleting rows, delete not only the contents but also the rows themselves. The importing of a table with empty rows will result in an error message.

2.When changing a price without VAT, delete the price including VAT and vice versa. Otherwise the program will not be able to calculate the other value correctly.



In the upper bar select Import 01, choose the coding Windows-1250 02 and select the .csv file with the button 03 saved in the previous step. This will import the file back into Dotypos Cloud.