Printer settings

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Printer settings

» You can find this setting in the Print settings. «

Once you add a printer, you can change its settings. The settings will be displayed immediately after adding the printer, eventually you can open it anytime by selecting the printer in the left part 01 and clicking on the button SETTINGS 02.



Printer settings

If Dotypos knows the connected printer, it will make the appropriate settings automatically. You can change them later anytime. The image shows the settings for the mobile Bluetooth printer Dotypos.



Possible printer settings

Encoding/Code page

The charset for printing from the printer. For Dotypos settings leave the default charset type cp852 and the code page 18.

Characters per line

Enter the number of printed characters per line. For 80 mm paper, keep the value at 48. For 58 mm paper, set the value to 32. These values are valid for Dotypos printers. Other types of printers can have different numbers of characters, e.g. for the printer Sewoo SLK-TS400 set 42.

Characters per line (font B)

For printing in smaller letters (font B) you can set a different number of characters per line. By default the same value as above is set here. You can set the smaller letters for printing in printing tasks.

Paper cut

Check to allow the paper to be cut after every printing. If the printer has a paper cutter, this option should be checked.

Drawer opening

Check to allow the Cash drawer to be opened. If the printer has a plug to connect a Cash drawer, this option should be active.


If this option is checked, the printer will beep when the printing is finished.



You can set other printing options in individual printing tasks you have added to the printer. You can find the information about printing tasks settings in the next chapter.