Dotypos Cloud settings

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Dotypos Cloud settings

The menu Dotypos Cloud settings, available via the cogged wheel icon 01 in the upper bar on the screen, lets you adjust the information assigned to your user account in Dotypos Cloud. You can change your password, set up secure two-factor authentication and adjust both your personal information and information about your company. In the menu, you can also find access to the overview of invoices for Dotypos license payments.




Log out

Use this option to log out from Dotypos Cloud, from where you will be transferred to the login screen.


Cloud selection

Here you can switch among your clouds if you have several of them.



Data in Dotypos is stored in a so-called “cloud,” which is a safeguarded data storage in the Internet that communicates with your cash register and synchronizes the data with it. You can use both the local cash register and this remote cloud via the web interface called Dotypos Cloud.

You can have more clouds, e.g. when you have two shops with different ranges of goods sold. Log in to Dotypos Cloud and simply choose the shop (cloud) you currently want to work with. You can create a new cloud (for one or more independent cash registers) in the activation wizard. In most cases one cloud will be enough, the individual cash registers in this cloud will share the data.


Overview of invoices

Selecting this option takes you to a page with an overview of the issued periodic invoices for Dotypos licenses with information about their payment. By clicking the icon 01 you download the selected invoice in .pdf format. On this page, you can also see the correct information to settle the payment and the license overview with license codes.



If any of the issued invoices was not settled till its maturity date, you will get a notification in the overview:





Technical support

This option reroutes you to the portal for the technical support center at the company Dotykačka. If you need a PIN to be generated or a technician to access your Dotypos Cloud, use the function with the same name in the menu Cloud settings.


Account settings

Here you can adjust your personal settings, including changing the password and personal information. More information about these options can be found in a separate chapter.