Taxation settings

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Taxation settings

» You can find this setting in the Application settings. «

This section lets you set VAT tax rates.

VAT tax rates

Clicking on this option lets you set up to 4 tax rates for product and service sales. The selected tax rates are then displayed in the pull-down menu in product preferences at the item Price, in category preferences and on the keyboard of the Immediate sale.

If you go to the activation wizard and choose that you are not a VAT payer, the active option in this settings will be Do not use tax rates. We are not VAT payers. If you change this option later, it will change prices of all already created products and the way Dotypos calculates the final prices. Do not use tax rates. We are not VAT payers should not be changed if you are already using the cash register.



If the option Do not use tax rates. We are not VAT payers is active, in Dotypos Cloud in products properties the fields VAT and Price with/without VAT are hidden, so only the Price is displayed here.


Just write down the used VAT rates in the four lines. If you need to delete a value, delete the whole line. Finally, save the settings by clicking on Save.



In the item Price, you can choose the set rates for individual product or category preferences after clicking on VAT rate.


Use prices without VAT

If this option is enabled, the cash register will display only prices without VAT. If you are using Immediate sale or have the option Require an entered price activated for the product, you do not have to enter the VAT rate. The keys with VAT rates will be hidden. However, VAT will be applied during sales as usual. This option is meant e.g. for wholesale facilities that primarily calculate with prices without VAT.