Displaying settings

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Displaying settings

» You can find this setting in the Application settings. «

This section lets you set parameters for how some Dotypos items will be displayed.

Number of columns

Tap to select the numeric value for how many products will be displayed in one line. The option covers the display of products on the main screen and in item management. Automatic automatically adjusts the number of columns from 4 to 6 according to the quantity of products. To change the number of columns exit the application Dotypos and run it again.

Font size in boxes

Tapping this lets you set the font size in the product cards on the main screen and in item management. The font size always adjusts automatically to the length of the product name so the whole name can be displayed.

Display price in box

Activating this option lets you display prices in product cards on the main screen. This option is enabled by default.

Include hidden items in searches

Hidden products are not included in default searches. When there are warehouse ingredients, hidden ingredients will not be found. If this option is active, searches will also include all hidden items.

Use tares during weighing

When entering the quantity of weighted goods, the dialog for deducting tares appears. You will find information about how to create and use tares in Dotypos in this chapter.

Settlement dialog

The displaying of the settlement dialog can fit the display size of the device. So on devices with a smaller display the settlement dialog is displayed in a compact view adapted to devices with a smaller display. The following options are available:

Automatic size - The display of the settlement dialog will be automatically adapted to the device.

Full - The settlement dialog will be displayed in its standard full form.

Compact - The settlement dialog will be displayed in the view for devices with a smaller display.