Do not “fiscalize” (do not record) document

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Do not “fiscalize” (do not record) document


Choosing this option will not record an order with the Financial Administration. The order can be closed and printed, but will not be sent to the Financial Administration’s servers. Orders not to be sent to the Financial Administration will be indicated with the crossed-out ERS and the information in the Order window above the total amount to be paid. This option must be chosen anytime you want to issue an order that will not be sent to the Financial Administration.

The availability of this option depends on whether the setting Allow drawing of document is to be enabled without “fiscalization” (recording with the Financial Administration) in the ERS settings. You can check the fiscalized/non-fiscalized documents in the History.



Remember that only entire orders can be forwarded or not to the Financial Administration. Products in an order that do and do not require a fiscal identification code have to be divided and paid separately. It is always best to record products whose revenue has to be recorded with the Financial Administration separately from products whose revenue does not have to be recorded.

Receipts can only be omitted from data to be sent to the Financial Administration if the Sales Recording Act allows it. This option specifically covers sales excluded from the recording of sales.



The process for how not to “fiscalize” orders for recording with the Financial Administration is also shown in this video.




How do I check whether an order has been recorded with the Financial Administration?

History contains an overview of receipts that were and were not “fiscalized,” in other words recorded with the Financial Administration. You can also “fiscalize” previously unrecorded transactions here. The Status of “fiscalized” orders includes options for recording orders, how these Financial Administration recorded orders are displayed in the system and what else can you do with them.

youtube-3233 Process for not “fiscalizing” orders:

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