Offline guide and printing it

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Offline guide and printing it

Download the offline guide from this link. It is a compiled help file you can open in Windows without having to install any other application. This file is always up to date and corresponds to the online guide. You can use the download file the same way as the online version. In addition you can print out the guide here transparently sorted into individual main chapters.

Due to the security system in Windows, the downloaded offline guide file is blocked up and the contents do not display after opening. Unblocking is very easy.


How do I unblock the offline help file?


Find the downloaded file manual_dotykacka.chm in the computer and right click on the file with the mouse. Choose Properties from the context menu.




In the displayed file properties dialog in the bottom section check the option Unblock. Older versions of Windows have a button with the same title instead of this option. Finally, click on OK to close the dialog. Now when you open the help file you see its contents.



How do I print out the offline guide?


Open the file manual_dotykacka.chm, in the left section mark the chapter to be printed and click on Print in the top panel.




In the open dialog choose Print the selected heading and all subtopics and then click on OK. The standard printing dialog will be displayed. This option prints the selected chapter and also all related sub chapters. If you select and print all main chapters in this way, you will have the complete printed version of the guide.




The option Print selected topic only prints the chapter or article where you are currently located. No sub chapters will be printed. Only the text you see in the right section of the window will be printed.