Immediate sale

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Immediate sale

Usually the items are added to the order in Dotypos by clicking on the product created in advance. In Dotypos you can also add items to the order simply by entering their amounts and values in a simple calculator. We call this function “immediate sale.”


The basic immediate sale options are also shown in this video.


How does immediate sale work?

The availability of the immediate sale option depends on the establishment type chosen during the cash register activation and on the settings of the Cash register mode in Cash register settings.

If, during cash register activation, you chose the establishment type Trade, the calculator will be automatically visible and ready to use on the main screen.

If you selected another type of establishment during cash register activation and want to use the calculator, go to Cash register settings - Mode and select Immediate sale.

Once you activate the Trade mode, you see on the Dotypos main screen the calculator for immediate sale instead of the products overview:




It is useful to set the VAT rate first by clicking on the appropriate tile 01. The displayed values correspond to the ones filled out in Taxation settings. Dotypos remembers the selected VAT rate until another one is selected.


If you use a category with set VAT rate for the immediate sale, this rate will be automatically applied.


Now use the numerical key pad 02 to enter the sold items. There are several ways to enter them:

The easiest way is to enter the quantity and price. E.g. if you want to sell five rolls at CZK 2 per roll, you enter 5 X 2 and PRICE 04. This way the Sales item will be added to the account in the left side of the window 07 (that is the initial name for all items, however this may be changed, see below).

If you have set the PLU code for any product, you can use it here as well. Let us say, for example, that the product CC Cola has the PLU code set to value 123. Enter in the calculator 123 and PLU 03 and your account will be extended with one CC Cola. Or you enter the amount and then the PLU code: 5 X 123 PLU. In this case, the order will be credited with five CC Cola drinks. Once you enter the valid PLU code, the found product will be displayed in the upper part of the numeric keyboard 02.

If you use the bar code reader, enter the quantity, e.g. 5 X and then use the reader to load the code.

You can enter negative values as well, provided you have enabled in the Cash register settings either the option Negative prices or Negative quantities. To switch between positive and negative values, use the button +/- 08.


When adding items to the order you can combine the items added from the calculator and items selected from the catalog. To switch between the calculator and the catalog, use 05 SELECT FROM CATALOG. You can also combine the calculator with the catalog. If you want to sell three servings of schnitzel with potatoes, enter 3X on the calculator and choose SELECT FROM CATALOG - Food - Schnitzel with potatoes. This takes you back to the calculator mode by clicking on the cross on the left from the notice Catalog of items.



You can rename the sale item according to the name of the category or any of the recently used names. Click on SELECT NAME 09 and choose the name from the available options. If you edit the name of any item by changing its preferences and you use this name, you can then select it in the section Recently used.

If you select a category for the name, you will be able to filter sales in the sales overview by sold items and categories.






When the order is complete, you can draw it by using 06 Issue order. This takes you to the Settlement dialog, where you click on Paid to settle the order. Or you can make more operations with the order (you can divide the order, divide the payment, etc.).


How do I change the preferences for a recorded item?

Individual items are added to the left section of the window. If you want to change the preferences of any recorded product, hold down your finger at length on its name 07. This takes you to the window Preferences of the recorded product, where you can change the product preferences, e.g. its price and quantity or its name.

You can change the product preferences for items entered in the calculator or added by selecting from the catalog, using the PLU code or bar code reader. You can trigger the window to change the product preferences by holding at length on the product name, but only at items added on the calculator. The product name can be changed only at these items as well. The preferences for the items added from the catalog, using the PLU code or the bar code reader, can be changed by tapping on the pencil icon:





If you do not want to use the cash register in the mode Trade, but you need the keyboard anyway, try to set the PLU keyboard. However, the cash register works faster in Trade mode because it does not have to draw product tiles.


youtube-3233 Basic options for immediate sale: