Parking orders

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Parking orders

Every order in Dotypos can be parked for you to postpone and return to anytime later. Parking of orders is useful especially for customers running tabs, such as when opening an order in a restaurant. If you activated the Table map, orders are automatically parked at the selected table. Orders at individual tables remain open so the crew can create other orders in the meantime.


How do I park an order?


On the screen with charged items click on the button to park 01, or eventually use the button BACK 02.




Then you see the dialog Park. This dialog lets you write a note to be displayed on the parked order. To park the order, click on the button SAVE. The tables already having any parked orders are marked violet. When parking another order, you will be asked whether to join the actual order with an already parked (open) order on the relevant table, or to park the next (new) order on the table. See the chapter Dividing orders.

The order will be queued in parked orders. This list can be found on the main screen in the tile menu under the button OPEN (X), where the number of actually parked orders is displayed in brackets. If you have no parked orders, the button displays PARK.




To open the parked order again click on the button OPEN (X) and select the order to be edited from the list. If you have made a note on the order, it is displayed in the list.




If the parked order cannot be edited and you are using Mobile Waiter , it is probably active in Mobile Waiter. In that case, the order is locked until it is parked in the Mobile waiter again. For more information, please see this chapter.




The items in this order will be displayed and you can continue working with the order and add items. To repark the order, click again on the button 01. To close the order click on the button Issue order 02. The order will be closed and removed from the list of parked orders. Then you can find it in the History.



Table map screen

If the Table map is active, the main screen shows it instead of categories and products. In this case first click on the map to select the desired table and then charge products to this table. Once you have finished charging, you can close the order or park it and go back to the table map. On the map, the table with an open (active) order is highlighted in color corresponding to the order duration with the duration time. On the bottom of the map, you can find buttons to change the scale or to go to the next map page.



Information about the time since the last order adjustment on the table map

One minute after parking, every order starts displaying the time since the last order adjustment. This information gives the crew an overview of the period since the last service was provided to guests. According to the time set, the table color changes from green to orange and then to red. So you get a simple message that the table was not served for a long time. You can change the time interval or eventually switch the feature off in Table map settings.


If you use the table map, you will benefit from the easy reservation system that allows the creation and registration of reservations using an easy application. For more information, see the chapter Reservation.