Payment with card

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Payment with card

If you use a payment terminal of any bank supported by Dotypos, you can connect it directly to the cash register. The amount to be paid will be transferred to the payment terminal. Each payment terminal can be also used separately so the amount can be entered on the terminal manually. The payment method with card can be enabled in the Cash register settings in the section Payment methods.



For the payment terminal to communicate with the cash register correctly, the Cash register terminal driver has to be installed into the cash register and configured properly. The procedure for how to connect the terminal and set up the Payment terminal driver is described in this chapter.


Payment with card with connected payment terminal

If you selected in the Settlement dialog payment with card (payment method Debit/Credit card), a dialog informing of a transaction in progress will be displayed. At this moment the selected amount to be paid will be shown on the terminal display and the terminal waits until it is touched with the contactless card or a chip card is inserted.

If payment with card was selected by mistake, in the shown dialog click on the button CANCEL 01.




To allow the pairing of the issued document with the processed payment on the payment terminal, for each transaction Dotypos sends a variable symbol to the payment terminal. Reports with the used variable symbols will be available later in Dotypos Cloud.



Problem troubleshooting

If there is a problem with the payment, click on the button to go back 02 (see the figure above) or wait. The dialog Payment terminal disconnected will display (see the figure below) to permit further operations. This dialog shows if the connection to the terminal is successful but the communication has failed for some reason - the terminal does not respond to the requirements or does not reply within the standard time while you wait for the transaction status.

The problem may typically lie in an incorrectly assigned IP address which collides with another device, or communication with the terminal cannot be carried out correctly thanks to a local network issue (weak Wifi signal, overloaded router, etc.).

Available dialog options include:

1.YES, ISSUE RECEIPT - Use if the customer has implemented a card transaction but thanks to the communication failure the information did not get back to the cash register.

2.NO, CHANGE PAYMENT TYPE - use if the payment was not effected. This is followed by the selection of another payment method. In the case of ČSOB this means that the amount did not write into the terminal. In the case of Sonet and B-payment terminals the amount can be entered manually and then by selecting option one YES, ISSUE RECEIPT.

3.REPEAT TRANSACTION - The cash register will try to re-establish communication.





What to do in the case of problems with the payment terminal?

The application does not respond to the button CANCEL

Wait 30 seconds for the completion of the transaction. If the transaction is not terminated within that time, use the Back button to recollect the dialog Payment terminal disconnected (see the figure above) and click on REPEAT TRANSACTION.

The terminal display did not show the amount to be paid to the customer

If the amount to be paid is not shown (while the payment with card was properly selected and waiting for the transaction was processed), you have to click on the button NO, CHANGE PAYMENT TYPE. Then you can select another payment method or, if supported by the terminal, enter the amount manually and then choose YES, ISSUE RECEIPT to print the receipt and enter the transaction in the cash register.

The terminal display showed the amount to be paid to the customer, and the customer settled it properly by card, however Dotypos still displays the active transaction dialog.

The customer is informed about the processed transaction by printing the original receipt from the payment terminal with the possibility to print a copy for the customer. If the transaction is not finished and the tax invoice is not printed on the printer, the transaction can be completed manually by clicking on the button YES, ISSUE RECEIPT. So the receipt will be printed and the transaction will be completed.



When it happens that you cancel the payment with a card by mistake while it was successfully processed at the terminal, you can just perform it again to be recorded only in the cash register. Charge the same goods or amount, select the payment with card and as soon as the dialog of transaction in progress is shown, click on the button to go back. In the dialog to complete the transaction select the button YES, ISSUE RECEIPT.


The cash register is unable to connect to the payment terminal

If the cash register is unable to communicate to the payment terminal, a dialog will appear offering two options: REPEAT TRANSACTION or click OK to return to the payment dialog and choose another payment method. If the repeated transaction fails, check the correct connection of the payment terminal or choose another payment method.

Most communication problems are caused by changing the IP address of the payment terminal or cash register, e.g. when these devices get assigned another IP address from the DHCP server after being switched on again. To verify whether the IP address of the payment terminal is correct, contact the technician who installed the payment terminal.



Payment with card without connected payment terminal

If you use the payment terminal separately (it is not connected to the cash register), the payment with a card is very easy. However, you have to enter the amount to be paid on the payment terminal manually. In the settlement dialog choose the payment method Debit/Credit card and click on Paid. The charged amount will be settled and the receipt will be marked as paid with card. Subsequently enter the same amount on the payment terminal and perform the physical payment with the card.