Settlement dialog

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Settlement dialog

As soon as you issue the order by clicking on the button Issue order on the main screen , the settlement dialog will appear. This dialog settles the current order and lets you perform other advanced operations with the order.

In this chapter you find:



The basic options of the new settlement dialog are also shown in this video.



How do I quickly settle an account?

If you do not need to change anything, you can directly click on the button PAID 08 to settle an order, or enter into the field Paid the amount received from the customer. This is done whenever an order is settled in cash. Depending on the setting in the section Cash drawer , the receipt will be printed and Cash drawer will be open. The payment types displayed in part 05 depend on these settings. If you need to issue an invoice for recorded items, take a look at this chapter.



Settlement dialog description

Use the cross 01 to close the payment dialog, go back and continue working with the open account.

Click on the three vertical dots icon 02 in the section Order to display the advanced order options. Holding your finger on this icon at length will divide the order and display the window To be settled. Transfer the items you want to have in a separate order and paid separately to this window. See the chapter Dividing orders.

With the button PICK CUSTOMER 03 to assign the account to a particular customer.

The three vertical dots 04 in the section Payment display advanced settlement options. These options are not available if an item in the order or the whole order is sold (recorded) by proxy.

When entering the payment 05 you can change the paid amounts in the field Paid. The value in the field Change is accordingly automatically calculated and shows the amount to be returned to the customer. Also, in this part click on the payment method to settle the order. The available payment methods depend on these settings. You can change the payment method for an already paid (closed) account in History.

The button Not Paid 06 will close the account without its payment. In the Payment history , the transaction will be marked as unsettled and you will be alerted about the unsettled order when the cash register is closed.

Use the option Print 07 sends the receipt to the printer.

The button Paid 08 registers the payment as settled and prints the receipt, provided that you have set the appropriate printing task.

On the left side there are shortcuts for the 14" touch cash register 09 for advanced order options.

Use the button 010 to scale down the settlement dialog.


Order and settlement options

In addition to simple payments you can also perform some advanced operations with charged items (merging or dividing) in the settlement dialog, with the order itself or with payment methods. Below are the most common operations:

If you need to divide an order, for example with “separate checks”, where several customers at one table pay for their own orders, take a look at the chapter Dividing orders.

If you need to divide a payment so the customer could use several payment methods at once (one part cash and one part voucher/card), take a look at the chapter Dividing payments.

If you do not want to fiscalize (i.e. record at the Financial Administration) a specific order, choose Do not fiscalize document.


takeawayTakeaway sales

Dotypos allows the defining of settings to select during the product charging or the order settling whether the product or the whole order is to be sold here or takeaway. You can also specify the VAT rate for takeaway sales.

For takeaway sales, first you have to enable this function in the application settings and define its behavior.

For the complete takeaway sales guide, please see the chapter Takeaway sales.



Products and ingredients write-off

If you are using ingredients, Dotypos offers also to write-off the used ingredients. It is very easy:

1.In the POS settings, activate the payment method Write-off.

2.Then you can also find this payment method in the settlement dialog.

3.Charge the products you need to write-off and “settle” the order using the payment method Write-off.

4.The products will be depreciated, including the ingredients.


youtube-3233 Basic options of the settlement dialog (in the Czech language):