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Money logs

Clicking on Money-logs displays an overview of all cash register operations during the selected period.



By choosing a cash register 01 you filter the results for the specific cash register.

Clicking on the field 02 sets the time period for the overview.

Clicking on the field 03 limits the overview to cash outs and cash ins. In the field 04 you can specify which cash register operations will be displayed in the overview. In the default settings, all items are displayed in the overview since the filter is not defined.

Every report can be saved by the buttons 05 in an Excel table or .csv format.

To go to the next page, click the number 07 in the page heading / footer or use the symbols « » to go to the first or last page.

You can search for documents by entering into the field 08.


In the case of a sale (receipt), you can use the Receipt button for every operation in the survey 06 to show the saved receipt with sales information: