Cash drawer

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Cash drawer

» You can find this setting in the Application settings. «

This sets up how a Cash drawer functions. You have 4 options to select from. You can activate all or just one option. By default the first three options are activated. This setting ensures the proper opening of the Cash drawer when printing or after clicking on PAID in cash in the settlement dialog.

Open the Cash drawer after printing a receipt

The Cash drawer opens as soon as you print the receipt. The receipt is printed automatically when you press Checkout on the main Dotypos screen. This conduct affects the settings Print receipts automatically in the appropriate printing task.

Open the Cash drawer after payment

The Cash drawer opens only after the order has been drawn and does so when you click on PAID in cash in the settlement dialog.

Open the Cash drawer just once

If this option is not active and the preceding two are active, the Cash drawer will open twice, when the receipt is printed and when choosing payment.

Open the drawer after selecting the payment method

The activation of this option will open the Cash drawer when you choose a payment method in the settlement dialog, i.e. before the payment itself. You must always click on the selected payment method.

Display open button on main screen

Hides or shows the button for the Cash drawer opening in the tile menu on the main touch cash register screen. You can use this button to open the Cash drawer any time regardless of the ongoing cash register activity.



Not only can you open the Cash drawer when cash payments are made, but also with debit/credit card payments. You just have to activate the corresponding option in the Application settings - Payment settings - Payment card setup.

The Cash drawer will also open when you record a receipt to or payment from the cash register. For example, when you pay for ingredients by cash from the cash register.



For the cash register to function properly, you first have to connect the printer to the cash register and then set up print. The Cash drawer is connected directly to the printer via an RJ45 cable; see the chapter Cash register configuration.