Using accounts

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Using accounts

Working with Mobile waiter is the same as with Dotypos. Using accounts is very fast and easy.


Charging with Mobile waiter


By default click on the main screen 01 to add products to an open order. Once it is finished, click on the bottom bar with the information on the order 02. This will get you to the charged items, where you can perform operations with the currently open order.




In the open order overview you can see the charged items. Now you can park the order to the selected table (if you have created the table map) or you park it without assigning to any specific table. The order can be also settled right away. Selecting the option PAY 01 displays the available payment methods (according to the Dotypos settings), and by selecting the payment method the order is settled and closed. Click on PARK 02 to show a survey of tables. If you click on the selected account item 03 it will be expanded and with the buttons + / - you can adjust its quantity or remove it from the order or add a remark. The icon 04 offers access to other operations with open orders.





When the payment method Debit/credit card is selected, the transaction is just assigned in the cash register with this payment. Since Mobile waiter is not connected to the payment terminal, you have to enter the amount to be paid in the terminal manually and then perform the payment with the card itself.


Possibilities of open order

Display the account options by clicking on the icon 04 (see the figure above) for the open (parked) account. A dialog will appear with several icons that allow other operations with either the whole order or items in this order.



The button SELECT CUSTOMER offers the ability to choose between the customer accounts created in Dotypos. So you can assign the order to a specific customer.

By clicking on ADD NOTE you can assign a note to the order that will be then visible in the overview of open orders.

If you want to partially settle an order or transfer its part to another table, use the button DIVIDE ORDER.

The last option CANCEL RECEIPT cancels and closes the whole order.



The information on the transactions performed in Mobile waiter can be found in the History by default.


Open orders and table map

From the Mobile waiter main screen you get to the overview of open (parked) orders and to the table map. Working with these items is also easy and it is similar to the design of Dotypos.



In the list of open orders, you can see all currently parked orders no matter whether they are assigned to a specific table or not. Click on the selected order to activate it and go back to the main screen with products and categories. The order is now active, so use the classic product selection from the tiles to add them to this order again. Use this possibility when guests with an open order ask for extra items.

Once you add new items, click on the bottom line with the order information (see the first picture) and park the order again or settle it.

The table map gives the same options. Click on the selected table to open the order and add items to this table. The same way as in Dotypos, the table with an already open order is marked violet.


Blocking order adjustments

To prevent order adjustments at two places at the same time (main cash register and Mobile waiter), the order is blocked. The order is blocked when it is active (open) in the main cash register or in the Mobile waiter - in the mode of adding items.

If you open a parked order in the main cash register or in the Mobile waiter that is active somewhere else, a notification will be displayed and no adjustments to the order will be allowed. To adjust the order further, it is necessary to go where it is open and park it. The picture below shows the notification in the Mobile waiter:



In the touch cash register it looks similar. The order currently being adjusted in the Mobile waiter cannot be open in parked orders: