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Graphic information in the upper part


01 Comparison of daily sales in the current and preceding week

02 Hourly overview of today’s sales and a comparison with average sales on that day

03  Number of drawn receipts for the current day and overall number of receipts for the current month

04 Total sum of sales for the current day and month

05 Sales by categories for the current and preceding week (in the last 8-14 days according to the actual day of the week).


Graphs in the overview can be permanently hidden for the current cloud. To switch the graphs off go to Cloud settings.

You can find more graphs in Analytic tools.



Information in the medium part


01 Current value of warehouses (total value of all products in the warehouses)

02 Current value of individual warehouses (total value of all products in individual warehouses)

03 Overview of users (employees) currently logged in at individual cash registers


Information in the bottom part

In the heading of overviews, you find the pull-down menu for setting the number of displayed items and data limits per month and year. In the footing you can shift to next records (pages). By clicking on icons « » you move either to the first or to the last page.


01 Employees sorted by total sales

02 Customers sorted by total sales

03 List of most sold products

04 Overview of warehouse operations in the current month



If you click on any item in the lists (products, employees, customers etc.), you are taken right to the page of the relevant entry, which you can then adjust. Use the menu in each overview to limit the data to the selected month and year.


Navigation elements on the page


01 Hide/show Item panel

02 Name of user logged in - User settings / Log out from Dotypos Cloud

03 Item panel

04 Quick menu - Generated reports and overviews / Cloud settings / Dotypos Cloud settings / Language selection