Overview of user privileges

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Overview of user privileges

User privileges for cash register operations and warehouse

This describes the default settings when all privileges are enabled. Information can be found below about what kind of access users lose when the relevant function is disabled. Information about how to set privileges for individual users (employees) operating the cash register can be found in this chapter. Two separate groups of privileges can be assigned to users, one for cash register operations and for the Warehouse application.

In addition to cash register and Warehouse operations, you can also define the information users can see after logging into Dotypos Cloud. However, user privileges in Dotypos Cloud are assigned to dedicated user accounts with no connection to employee accounts in the cash register. So even a person that does not work with the cash register can have access to Dotypos Cloud, for instance when a sales overview is needed. The process for creating a user account in Dotypos Cloud and assigning privileges can be found in this chapter.



User privileges for cash register operations

Display sales (all)

Disables access to the sales overview. User have no access to the complete sales overview, sold items, employees, customer sales or warehouse operations during the selected time period.

Display sales (today)

Disables the calendar display in the sales overview. Users cannot select their own time periods for displaying the sales overview. They can see the overview only for the current shift/day.

Adjust product

Disables access to Item management. Users cannot create or adjust products and categories.

Warning: a user with WAREHOUSE MANAGEMENT privileges can change the Name, Category, EAN, PLU and may stock in at the WAREHOUSE.

Adjust user

Disables access to User management in settings. A user then cannot adjust or create user accounts. It is worthwhile disabling this if users have access to advanced Application settings. Otherwise, they could change the privileges of other users.

Edit customers

Disables the editing, adding and deleting of customers. However, it is still possible to select customers manually (or with a bar code) and assign customer accounts to orders. If you want to hide the tile CUSTOMER on the main screen, also deactivate the MANUAL CUSTOMER SELECTION privilege.

Grant discounts

Disables the option to grant discounts. Users cannot grant any discounts to an open order unless the customer has a global discount group assigned. This will be the only discount applied in such a case.

Data export/import

Disables the option to export the Dotypos backup manually in SQLITE3 format or to import .csv data. It also disables access to the automatic backups setting. The automatic backup will always be set and locked to the last setting in the administrator’s account. If you need to import from backup, please contact technical support.

Cash register withdrawals

Hides CASH IN/OUT on the Dotypos main screen. It will then no longer be possible to create a cash register receipt or withdrawal. This is because both functions use one joint button.

Changing application settings

Disables access to the advanced settings of Dotypos.

Warehouse management

Disables the display of warehouse item statuses in product cards at Item management and in searches. It also hides WAREHOUSE on the main screen. The Warehouse application will likewise not be accessible. More detailed privileges for WAREHOUSE have to be set in USER PRIVILEGES - WAREHOUSE.

Delete data

Unused function - the right to make Changes in parked items has the same function (see below).

Change source data

Unused function

Display cash register status

Disables the display of the cash register status after cash register closing. A user can close the cash register but will not see its final status.

If the privilege Show sales is enabled, you can find the data by calculating the sales for the shift and cash ins and outs.

Cancel items

Disables the cancellation of parked orders. However, orders already settled can be anyway canceled.

Cancel orders

Disables the option to cancel already settled or parked orders.

Changes in parked items

Disables the option to change numbers of charged items, adjusts (change of amount, weight, discount or note) or removes them from open (parked) orders.


The number of sold units can be changed by clicking several times on the selected product in the main screen. Discounts cannot be granted to one product, just to the whole order. Enabling this privilege and disabling Delete data at the same time does not allow items in a parked order to be deleted.

Printing check receipts

Disables the option to print a check receipt for parked (open) orders.

This option does not affect the printing of copies for paid orders, which is always enabled.

Printing of Z-reports

Makes it impossible to print Z-reports for individual users after the cash register is closed. This option is functional unless the option Automatic printing of Reports is enabled.

Manual customer selection

This will not permit the assignment of a customer account to the current or parked account. The customer account can only be assigned by reading the EAN code.

Show profits

The Profit line in the Sales overview will not be displayed. It also prevents the profit from being printed on the sales balance.

Display history of receipts

The user will not have access to the History.

Issue order without settlement

The user cannot close the order as unsettled.

Write off creation

The user cannot use the Write off payment method.

Opening the cash register drawer

If you deprive the user of this right, the cash register will not send the impulse for the cash register drawer opening. The drawer can then only be opened manually with the key.


User privileges for Warehouse

Show warehouse items

Disables warehouse operations in Warehouse. WAREHOUSE will still be available on the main screen and entry to Warehouse will be granted. However, no operations in the warehouse will be allowed. Users without this privilege will see a display with the option to log in as another user or to go back to Dotypos.

Stock in items

Disables the option to stock in items. The user cannot change warehouse items. The user can just see their status. If the “stocktake” privilege is enabled, he or she can use it to stock products in. However, the user cannot stock in the products directly.

Enter purchase price

Disables the entering of purchase prices when goods are stocked in. User can stock any product in but cannot enter its purchase price. In this case products are automatically stocked in using the last purchase price.

Create new product card

Unused function

Show the current stock amount

Disables the display of the current quantity in the warehouse on the product card. Users do not find out the actual amount in stock in the warehouse application. The status is not displayed in the right upper corner of the warehouse card but can be determined when stocking in.

Display stocktake

Displaying the Stocktake report in the reports from the Warehouse application will not be possible.

Create stocktake

Disables the option to take stock in the warehouse. After clicking on the icon Stocktaking, information about insufficient rights will be displayed.

Adjust stocktake

If it is disabled together with the right to Adjust stocktaking, the icon Stocktaking will be hidden.

Show the current amount in stock during stocktaking

Disables the display of quantities in the warehouse during stock-taking. It is recommended to also disable the privilege Show the current quantity in the warehouse card so that users cannot determine warehouse statuses from another source. The user takes stock but the column with the actual warehouse status and changes from the initial status will be hidden. So stocktaking cannot be affected and users without this privilege can just enter the physically detected amount of goods.

Create/adjust warehouse

Hides the icon Management of warehouses. Users cannot create a new warehouse or adjust an existing one.

Show warehouse reports

Hides the icon Reports. User cannot show overviews of transactions, stocktaking or stock in.

Create/adjust warehouse reports

Disables the export of reports to files in the device’s internal memory. The option to email the export will also be unavailable. Users can display reports but cannot export the data.

Show list of suppliers

Hides the icon Supplier management. Users can neither adjust any existing suppliers nor create new ones.

Create/adjust supplier

Disables the adjusting and creating of suppliers. Users can just browse suppliers already created.

Show product templates

Unused function

Create/adjust product templates

Unused function