Logging into Dotypos Cloud

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Logging into Dotypos Cloud

To log into the Dotypos Cloud web interface, go to https://admin.dotykacka.cz. Enter your e-mail address in the log in dialog 01 and enter the password 02you entered in the activation wizard. Then click on Login 03.




Using an email address and password for logging in is not the most secure method. If you want to safeguard access to data in Dotypos Cloud, set up the so-called two-factor login. When logging in, besides entering the email address and password, it will also be necessary to enter the one-time code generated in the application Google Authenticator.


If there is no activity within 60 minutes after logging in to Dotypos Cloud, a notification will be displayed. If there is no activity in the next two hours you will be automatically logged out for security reasons.


Selecting the storage site (cloud)

Each cash register stores the data into the storage in Dotypos Cloud, generally referred to as a “cloud.” If you assign cash registers to one common cloud, they will share data and products. Therefore, Dotypos Cloud allows you to manage multiple cash registers connected to various clouds. Each cloud can represent one branch, shop etc. You can create a new cloud in the activation wizard.

If you have several clouds created, you will see the screen with a choice of clouds after logging into Dotypos Cloud:



Select the cloud to manage and click on it. This will log you into the selected cloud and you will see the page with the overview of individual cash registers belonging to this cloud.


How do I retrieve my credentials?


If you have forgotten your log in data, click on the Forgot your password text 04 under the log in dialog, see figure one.


Then enter the email address you use to log into Dotypos Cloud and click on Search.




If you have entered the correct email address, you will be notified about how to retrieve your password. Now click on Continue. You will receive the link to change your password at the email address you entered.




If you do not get the link to change your password, check the other folders in your mailbox, especially the Junk mail folder. Or click on the text “I did not get any email” to have the message resent.



You can find the complete guide on how to retrieve a forgotten password in our knowledge database.