Bar code reader connection

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Bar code reader connection

The bar code reader connects to the touch cash register via a standard USB port. After connecting the reader to the 14" touch cash register no special setup is required. The Android operating system just shows the dialog for choosing the keyboard layout after the reader is connected. That is because the system detects the reader as a standard keyboard. You can disable this dialog with a one-time keyboard layout setting.

How to connect the reader to a 14" touch cash register


Connect the reader to one of three USB ports on the sides of the touch cash register. An icon to set up the keyboard layout will be displayed in the Android system notification panel. Pull down the right-hand panel and click on the communications Keyboard layout selection.




The keyboard layout is accessible at any time later by opening the Android system settings, selecting the item Language and input and tapping on the reader name in the section Physical keyboard (Honeywell Scanning and Mobility...). See the picture in the next step.



Now click on the item for the connected reader and then in the displayed dialog click on the option Set keyboard layout.




Now click on the item for the connected reader and then in the displayed dialog click on the option Set keyboard layout. From the list of layouts, select English (United States). Since the reader acts as a normal keyboard, you have to set the English layout. If the Czech layout is set, Czech characters with diacritics will be inserted after scanning the bar code. Therefore, any search for products will not work. The Android system will remember the chosen layout and the next time you connect the reader the notification about keyboard layout will no longer be displayed.


How to connect the reader to an 8" touch cash register

The 8" touch cash register allows externally fed peripherals to be connected via a special Y cable. At present you can connect the bar code reader to the cash register via this connection. For proper functioning of this connection go to Security in the Android system settings and deactivate the option Disable OTG ACA first. After that you can connect the power supply and the reader via the Y cable.



Open an overview of the installed application on the main screen.




In the overview click on Settings. This will get you to the Android system settings.




Now select Security and on the security options page deactivate the option Disable OTG ACA.





Connect the Y cable to the cash register’s micro USB port. Connect the power supply adapter to the USB connector (male) on the longer side of the cable. Connect the bar code reader to the other USB connector (female) on the shorter side of the cable. The special Y cable allows the cash register to be powered continuously.

Schema zapojeni 8 male

The special Y cable powers the cash register even when the bar code reader is connected.


Setting up the keyboard layout

This sequence is identical to the previous one for the 14" cash register, although the displayed communications have a slightly different look. To set the layout use the gesture to pull down the upper bar again and choose Keyboard layout selection. Next, choose the English keyboard layout for the connected reader.