Connecting the cash register to the Internet

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Connecting the cash register to the Internet

Dotypos has to be connected to the Internet before it is first used. The touch cash register can connect either through a cable or via a wireless Wi-Fi connection.

If you have a network cable at hand, plug it to the RJ45 connector on the left side of the touch cash register between the two USB ports. If you do not have a cable connection available, connect the touch cash register via a wireless Wi-Fi network.



The 8" touch cash register supports not only Wi-Fi, but also 4G. The procedure for inserting a data SIM card and activating the mobile data connection is described in Cash register composition. Do not insert the card if the cash register is not turned off.


For Dotypos to function properly, it is strongly recommended that you use a stable, high-quality Internet connection, separated from other Wi-Fi networks (e.g. for guests). If you do not have a permanent internet connection, it is useful to connect the cash register to the internet at least once a week for 20 minutes for data backup and license verification. The functionality of the Internet connection is indicated by the cloud icon on the main screen.


How do I set up a Wi-Fi connection?


To set up a Wi-Fi connection, use the gesture to pull down the Android system upper bar in the section with the clock.




In the displayed menu, tap on the cogwheel icon or eventually select the item Settings and from the displayed options select Wi-Fi.




Use the toggle switch 01 to connect to Wifi and in the section 02 click on the name of your wireless network or use the button 03 to define the connection to the in-house hidden network.




A functioning Internet connection is necessary for the next step - Dotypos activation. Make sure the touch cash register is really connected to the Internet before you continue.