Connecting the customer display

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Connecting the customer display

There are two customer display types available for the touch cash register. An easy two-line display or a fully equipped tablet with a 14" display and hardware parameters similar to the tablet used for operating Dotypos. If any trouble with a cash register occurs, you can use the customer display as a spare cash register.


Two-line customer display

The first option is a two-line display on the stand used to display the item name and its price when uploaded to the cash register. At payment it shows the total sum of purchase. You can read all about its installation and configuration here.



14" customer display

The second option is a 14" customer display that is another touch cash register used as a display to show recorded items and commercial media. It is a fully-featured tablet that can be used as a spare cash register when one is needed. The application Customer display has to be installed in the tablet if you want to use it as a customer display. Insert the displayed commercial media using Dotypos Cloud.

The touch cash register and customer display communicate together via a network connection so they have to be both connected to the same network (same active element). It does not matter whether both devices are connected to the wireless Wi-Fi network or via cable.

The Customer display can be placed on a special stand together with the cash register or they can be separated. Connect the Customer display to the stand the same way as you would with the touch cash register, as they are a VESA standard.



The 14" customer display configuration consists of the following steps:

1.Install and set up the application Customer Display in the tablet to be used as a Customer Display.

2.Set up the function Customer display in the touch cash register (pairing Dotypos with display).

3.Load media and create the playlist via Dotypos Cloud.

4.Synchronize data between the cash register and the customer display.



If the customer display does not show data from the cash register anymore, it was probably provided with a different IP address than the one set in the cash register. To solve it, please take a look at this article in the knowledge database.


Using a 14" customer display as a cash register

A 14" customer display can be used as a substitute if needed (e.g. the original customer display breaks down). So, investment in the customer display will provide you with the continuous operation of the cash register system.

So, if the original cash register breaks down and you need to put the cash register system into operation with the tablet used as a customer display, follow these instructions:

1.Install the cash register applications to the customer display.

2.In the Dotypos activation wizard, log in using email to Dotypos cloud, enter your current license code and perform the replacement of the original cash register. Data from the original cash register will be transferred to the new one now represented by the customer display.

3.Connect the peripherals and carry out the necessary cash register configuration. Do not forget to set the ERS mode again and load the certificate.

4.All done, you can start selling!

5.When your original cash register is back in operation, you can easily load the data back the same way.