Product assignment

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Product assignment

» Available only in Dotypos FULL and higher. «

If you have several warehouses, you can simply use the rules to define from which warehouse a specific product will be stocked out. So for beverages you can use a different warehouse than for other products. You can also create rules that limit discharges from a specific warehouse only to certain cash registers.

How to assign a product to the specific warehouse and cash register?


Go to WAREHOUSES » PRODUCTS ASSIGNMENT. Use the button 01 to create a new rule. If you have already declared rules, they will be displayed in the overview. Use the button 02 to show the selected rule preferences (assigned products) and to adjust the rule. You can delete a created rule by clicking on 03.




In the PRODUCTS tab choose the product you want to assign to a specific warehouse and use 02 with the button. Now you can adjust rule preferences. The displayed products can be limited to the selected category in the menu 01.




Enter the Rule name and from the Cash Register pop-up menu 03 choose the cash register to which the rule will apply. From the pop-up menu WAREHOUSE 04 choose the warehouse from which these products will be deducted and then save the rule for product assignment with the Save 06 save rule for product assignment. If you later need to have the product no longer covered by the rule, open the rule and use 05 to remove the product. As soon as you sell the products listed in the rule for the green cash register, they will be stocked out of the green warehouse.



If you need to assign products to several warehouses or cash registers, create a separate rule for each cash register and warehouse.