Takeaway sales

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Takeaway sales

takeawayDotypos allows you to assign a special tag for selected products so you have the option of selling a product to consume on the premises or for takeaway. You can also specify the VAT rate for takeaway sales in the tag. In addition to this you can also use other tag. Their options are described in a separate chapter.


How to set a product for takeaway?


In Item management, click on the product to also be sold for takeaway. In the product settings, in the section Notes and tags add to the New tag field1 the text -ta-15, where 15 represents the required VAT rate, in this case 15%.




Now click on DONE in the touch keyboard for the tag to be added to the product and highlighted. Remember to save the settings by clicking on SAVE 2 in the top right corner.




Once you have drawn an order with the tagged product, the sale type offer will appear. If you select Takeaway, the set VAT rate will be added to the product.




You cannot combine a sale For here and Takeaway in one order. The sale type dialog always covers all products tagged -ta-15 that are in one order. This means you cannot select For here for one tagged product and Takeaway for another.