First Dotypos operations

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First Dotypos operations

timeThis is an overview of the basic steps that are useful to be performed prior to recording the first item in the cash register. At each operation you will also find links to related chapters.

However, you do not have to perform all the steps listed below; everything depends on how you will be using the cash register. For the simplest cash register operation possible, just install the applications, create the products for sale and set print and EET mode. Shops can then activate the PLU keyboard for Immediate sale and set up Returnable containers. In the basic configuration, you can start using Dotypos almost immediately, see the frame below.



You can put the cash register quickly into operation in these 4 easy steps (10 minutes):

1.Connect the cash register to the Internet, install the applications and perform the activation

2.Enable the calculator for Immediate sale

3.Activate the ERS mode

4.Set up printing


Recommended steps for the full-range operation mode

1.Get acquainted with the operating conditions, compose the cash register and connect the peripherals:
Operating conditions
Cash register composition

2.Connect the cash register to the Internet and install the applications:
Internet connection and Installation of applications

3.Run the Dotypos application and go through the activation wizard:

4.Get acquainted with the Dotypos user interface and Warehouse application:
Main screen, Main screen wizard, Tile menu, Settlement dialog
Application Warehouse

5.In the shop, activate the PLU keyboard for an immediate sale:
Immediate sale

6.Set up the cash register drawer function and print both receipts and orders (if you will be using a second printer in the kitchen):
Print and Cash register drawer

7.Create categories and products (items) to be sold. You can also import items to the cash register via Dotypos from a csv. file prepared in advance:
Batch import of items
Item management screen
Creating, moving and deleting categories and Creating, moving and deleting products
Batch stock in

8.If you sell products composed of ingredients, set the ingredients:
Warehouse ingredients


10.Create user accounts for operators and assign user privileges to them:
User management and User privileges

11.Read how Dotypos really works and how individual accounting operations are reflected in the sales overview and warehouse stock:
How Dotypos calculates?

12.Set up ERS mode:
Electronic Records of Sales

13.Open the cash register and start to charge:
Open/close cash register
Order parking and History

14.Get acquainted with Dotypos Cloud and learn about its possibilities:
Dotypos Cloud, Warehouses

15.Look at the Z-report and the sales overview and set the Z-report to be emailed automatically:
Z-report and Sales overview



Remember to update all cash register applications regularly. New versions are usually launched every 30 days. You will find information about how to easily update the cash register application in this chapter.