Create split payment

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Create split payment


CREATE SPLIT PAYMENT allows you to divide the payment so customers can use different payment methods, such as partly in cash and partly with a debit or credit card. The displayed settlement types depend on this setting.


The procedure for dividing payments is also shown in this video.


How do I divide payments?


First choose the payment methods that customers want to use. In our example a customer has decided to pay part in cash and the remainder with a debit/credit card. You can select the payment methods by clicking on + ADD and deselect them by clicking on - REMOVE. After making the selection, click on Done.




Enter the amounts for each payment method as the customer wishes (in this case  EUR 10 in cash and EUR 2,86 with a debit / credit card). When done, click on the tick symbol in the numeric keyboard. The unsettled value is automatically rounded down.




Then the order only has to be paid and then closed with Paid.




If you divide the payment, the final amount cannot be automatically sent to the payment terminal. The divided payment with card has to be entered into the payment terminal manually.


Paying partially settled orders

Orders can be settled partially with the remainder settled later, for example the next day. In this case, follow Steps 1-3 above, then enter the amount received from the customer (it may be paid using different methods, e.g. partially in cash and partially with luncheon vouchers) and then click on Paid.


When the rest of the order is paid (what has remained unpaid), go to the History of sales and select the appropriate payment 01. You can find more information about the unpaid amount in the order detail after clicking on Cash02. Now click on the violet three-dot circle 03.




Choose the option Pay from the menu. Then go to Settlement dialog and follow the instructions in Steps 1-3 as described at the beginning of this chapter.




Information about partially settled orders can also be displayed in the Dotypos Cloud in the report Issued documents.


youtube-3233Dividing payments (in the Czech language):


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