Split order

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Split order


The option SPLIT ORDER allows you to divide the order so one customer can pay part of the order and another customer the rest (e.g. when two customers sit at a table and they want to split the order). Use the single right arrow to move one item to the card To pay (in this case one of two Heritage Carrots was moved), whereas the double right arrow moves all items of the same kind to To pay (both meals would then be moved). You can also move the items in the opposite direction from the To pay window to Order. After moving any item to To pay you can settle the order, close it unpaid or choose from advanced payment options.




The option Not paid finalizes the order, records it into unsettled documents and deducts it from sales. This means that goods are deducted from the warehouse as they are when using the option Paid, but the corresponding cash value will be missing in the cash register.

The procedure for diving orders is also shown in this video.


Divide items by entering a specific quantity

You can also divide the items using the virtual numeric keyboard, which is useful especially when dividing a larger quantity of items. In this example we want to divide e.g. four portions of tea displayed on the picture below to two portions of tea that will remain on the original order and two portions to be transferred to the order To pay.


So you can click two times on the arrow as described above or click in the area with the number of items and price as described on the following image and two numeric keyboards will be displayed.




Use numbers on these keyboards to enter simply the quantity. You can use both left and right keyboards. The left keyboard represents the original order from which you want to separate some items. The right keyboard is the separated order to be settled. In our example we want to transfer one Latte from the left (original) order to the order To pay. So click on the number 1 on both the left and right keyboards. The result will be the same. If you want to transfer all drinks to the order To pay, you click either on the number 0 on the left keyboard or on the number 2 on the right keyboard.




Click on SPLIT when you are done.



Now two portions of tea will be ready for payment. After moving any item to To pay you can settle the order, close it as unpaid or choose from among the advanced payment options.



youtube-3233 Dividing orders (in the Czech language):


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