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The item REPORTS allows various types of data reports to be generated. You can generate these reports for the selected time period, whether for all cash registers or just one of them. You have to subscribe to notifications from Dotypos Cloud prior to exporting reports into Excel or .csv format. The instructions for that can be found in this chapter. If you have the version Dotypos EASY, access to reports is limited. Exporting to Excel or .csv format is available only for the reports Recapitulative statement and Receipts.



If you have notifications in your browser enabled and reports are not generated anyway, have a look at this article in the knowledge database to find a solution.



Each report can be limited to a selected shift (period from cash register opening till its closing) and displayed data can be limited to just this shift. Just go to the sales report Shifts, select the shift and then use the relevant button to go to Reports. The report you select afterwards will have the time period automatically set to the selected period.




How do I generate a report?


Click on REPORTS and then choose SALE REPORTS from the menu in the right-hand section of the page. Click on the selected report.




Click on the field 01 to select the time period (date and time from-to) for the report. Each report can be filtered further by different criteria. The picture below shows the options for the product report Sold products. You can limit this report with the options 02 to selected cash registers, the status of fiscalized documents and selected tags. If you leave the default option all together, the report will cover all cash registers and documents.

Finally, in 03choose whether you want the report to be displayed (Generate report) or saved either as Excel table or in .csv format.




Once you have generated the report, it will be displayed in the browser. The picture below shows the generated report Receipts. This report lets you click on a document number, employee name or customer name to see his or her details. You can see the details of each document after clicking on the button Receipt. Each generated report can be exported using buttons in the heading into Excel or .csv format.