Stocktake list

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Stocktake list


» Available only in Dotypos FULL and higher. «


The item WAREHOUSES » STOCKTAKE LIST has an overview of all stock-taking sorted by date. The stocktaking determines the actual quantity in stock for each product.

Use the buttons 01 to export the displayed transfers to an Excel table or .csv file. With the pop-up menu 03 limit the overview to a selected warehouse. The details of the specific stocktake (report from the performed stocktake) can be displayed by clicking on Details 04. Start the stocktake by clicking on the button Stocktake 02.




You can also take stock-taking directly in the touch cash register found in the Warehouse application. You can find more information in this chapter.


How do I start stocktaking?


Click on WAREHOUSES and then STOCKTAKE LIST. A dialog for stocktaking appears. There are 3 stocktaking options:

1.Complete stocktaking of all products

2.Partial stocktaking of products in selected categories




For any method of stocktaking first choose from the menu 01 option Warehouse. Then start the complete stocktake by clicking on Start stocktake 02. If you want to take stock of products only in selected categories, select the categories in 03 and click on 04. The same process applies to tags. First select the tags in the bottom part and then start taking stock.


Taking a stocktake...


Once you click on the button Start stocktake, the page with the overview of all or selected products opens. It depends on whether you selected a complete or partial stocktake in the preceding step. The overview shows the actual amount in stock for each product. Use the field 01 to add the new quantity for each product to it. Get to the next field on the next line simply with the TAB key. The product overview page shows you the field for searching. You can search products by name, EAN or PLU code.

In the header please find the button 02 for printing the page with the stocktaking. Click the button 03 to open advanced options with buttons 04 for setting all amounts in stock to zero or to create a stocktake with the current amounts in stock (button Copy warehouse status). This stocktake is useful when you plan to transfer Dotypos to the new cash register device, e.g. after cash register claim. Only the current warehouse data will be transferred to the new cash register and the data transfer (cash register replacement) will be faster.




After you have enter the quantities of all products, click on Save in the bottom part of the page under the overview of products to save the new quantities in stock and complete the stocktaking.



If you do not finish the stocktake, close the browser by mistake or click anywhere else, the last stocktake status will be saved automatically. Then the saved stocktakes can be found on the stocktake initial page. To continue just click on the saved stocktake and you can go on. The new amounts in stock will not be written until the saved stocktake is fully completed.

The saved stocktakes are available only for the device from which the user is logged into Dotypos Cloud.



Purchase and sales price differential

On the page with an overview of products for stock-taking the purchase price differential (PP differential) is displayed. This price is calculated by adding the actual quantities in stock for the specific product and its purchase prices. The sales price differential (SP differential) is calculated in the same way as the sum of products in stock and their sale prices.


1.You buy 100 of a product at a purchase price CZK 10 each.

2.Two days later there are 50 of the product left in the warehouse at purchase price of CZK 10 each.

3.The next day you buy 10 of the same product at CZK 5 per piece.

This means the displayed purchase price differential for this product will be:

(50 x 10) + (10 x 5) = 550: 60 = CZK 9.1

Sales price difference

In the overview of products for stocktaking you can also see the calculated sales price differences based on the entered warehouse balance (Financial difference in sales prices), based on the preceding stock-taking balance, with included write-offs and stock ins. The sales price difference is calculated using this formula:

(Warehouse status found by the previous stock-taking - Current warehouse status - Write-offs + Stock ins) * Item sales price, VAT exclusive.