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The option Warehouses shows the default warehouse the cash register uses. The default warehouse is created automatically when the application is activated. Each warehouse has its own unique identifier, which is the warehouse ID. If you need to change the default warehouse used by the cash register (e.g. you want to assign one joint warehouse to two cash registers), click on the displayed entry Default warehouse and then from the displayed list of warehouses click on the warehouse to be assigned to the cash register.

You can create more warehouses in Dotypos Cloud. There you define how the warehouses will be accessible from cash registers. Or you can use the rules to decide from which warehouse individual products will be stocked out. Then you do not have to change the default warehouse in the cash registers.




The touch cash register always has the so-called default warehouse assigned. Other warehouses can be attached to the cash register using Dotypos Cloud. If you want to change the default warehouse of the cash register, you first have to create it in Dotypos Cloud, assign it to this cash register and then locally change the warehouse directly in the cash register.