Services and extensions

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Services and extensions

The touch cash register can be easily integrated with third-party services to get attractive and useful functions for your business. Today, Dotypos supports these services:

The camera system NetRex (in the Czech language only)

Order system Adaptee (in the Czech language only)

iDoklad cloud accounting (in the Czech language only)

Ordering system free of charge - (in the Czech language only)

Uber Eats order system


Connecting the camera system NetRex with Dotypos Cloud is easy, you can do it yourself following these instructions. This way you get an overview from all cameras in the establishment concerning every issued receipt or parked order.

Connecting the Adaptee order system with Dotypos is carried out by the company directly Adaptee based on an order made in advance. Each order created on-line is then transferred directly to the cash register. In the this chapter you may find information on its functioning.

Order system is provided for free of charge to all users, regardless of the license purchased. The users of other POS systems can also use it. For Dotypos users, it provides the advantage of easy integration and synchronization of orders with the cash register.

Where Uber Eats is concerned, you should contact us first. We will arrange the connection of cash registers with this system. After that, you can go through the settings, which are described step by step in this chapter.



The availability of integration services depends on your Dotypos license.


If you distribute your products to the customers, you can use the special table for distribution and get the information on overall sales for distribution. You can find more information about this option in this chapter.