Status of fiscalized (registered) orders

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Status of fiscalized (registered) orders

How do I check whether an order has been recorded with the Financial Administration?

You can follow the status of individual items or orders and the Financial Administration’s recording of them in Sales history. Individual documents that have not been sent to Financial Administration can be sent here. You can also perform the batch fiscalization (recording) of all receipts that have not yet been sent.

If the fiscalization (recording) is successful, the item will appear in Sales history without notification. Just choose an order from the list and click on it.



If you selected the option Do not fiscalize document, next to the item you will see the note Order issued without fiscalization with EET crossed out. Orders can be filtered by the fiscalization status from the menu 01.


If the account could not be fiscalized (recognized) due to an error, a notice will appear in both the transaction overview 01and in the details of the specific settlement 02. You will also see lit up the warning exclamation point next to the icon for opening the side menu 04. In that case, check to see whether the EET settings and the Internet connection are OK and then try to solve the problem by clicking on options 03 or 04 (see below).



By clicking the purple icon of the three horizontal dots (see 03 in the figure above) you will open the following menu. Then select the option Fiscalize to try again and send the selected order to the Financial Administration for recording.



How to send documents at once to Financial Administration that have not been sent and recorded earlier?

Documents that have not yet been recorded by the Financial Administration servers can be subsequently sent with the option Fiscalize missing receipts in the tile menu. If some documents have not been received by the Financial Administration, you will be notified by the icon menu-chyba. Selecting the option Fiscalize missing receipts will attempt once again to send (record) ALL documents that have not been recorded by the Financial Administration.

If the documents are not successfully sent to the Financial Administration in this way, repeat the recording of the receipts in History (see these instructions).