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Tags can assist you in labeling products. You can sort products by tags in different Dotypos functions, such as in the sales overview. Or you can use tags together with the relevant printing task settings to decide the products to be printed on receipts and orders (bons).

If the created tags relate to customers, you will see the tag name at the moment you select the customer in the cash register. You can use tags to distinguish between customers or products, merge them into groups and filter them. Tags can therefore be related to products or customers.

You will create a new tag by clicking inside the tag field 01 in the product or customer preferences in the cash register or in Dotypos Cloud and writing the text to appear on the tag. Save the tag by clicking on DONE in the keyboard. A tag created in this way will be automatically assigned to the product or customer and added to other tags already created. If you need to remove the tag, click on the cross 02 next to it.




Tag names are case sensitive. Tags with names like “Kitchen” and “kitchen” will be considered two different tags.


Special tags for subsequent drawing.

For selling coupons (vouchers), Dotypos supports the special tag -voucher. If you add this tag to a product with a 0% VAT rate, the recorded sale will be marked with this information. To claim this voucher retrospectively, use the payment method Credit/Voucher.

For a deposit received from the customer, use the product with the tag -deposit, so that the recorded cash received from the customers will be marked properly.

When selling used goods, use the tag -used to recognize that the product has the correct VAT rate. The recorded payment will be labeled with the mark representing used goods. If you use issuing an invoice as your payment method, you can add text to the note to the invoice notifying about the special mode of sale.



Specific procedures for selling and receiving vouchers (coupons) and advances, or for selling used goods, can be found in the knowledge database.


Takeaway sales

For takeaway sales, use the special tag -TA15, where the number represents the VAT rate of 15%. For more information about this sale, see the relevant separate chapter.