ERS subjects

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ERS subjects

Dotypos allows an order to be issued by a proxy. If you want a specific order to be recorded with the Financial Authority with a different Tax Identification Number (TIN) than the number set in the cash register as the default, you can do so with the option SELL BY PROXY in Settlement dialogor in Dotypos Cloud. The following procedure shows how to insert a subject in Dotypos Cloud.


You can also manage proxy subjects directly in the cash register.


How do I add or delete subjects for sale by proxy?


In the item LISTS » ERS SUBJECTS 01 click on the blue button + ADD 02.




Fill out Name and Tax Identification Number (TIN) of the subjectyou want to be used by proxy. Finish inserting the subject by clicking on the button Save.




If you already have any subjects created, use the button 01 to adjust them and the button 02 to delete.




In addition to selecting a subject for sale by proxy for the specific order settlement, you can assign this subject permanently to a product or category. Below, you will find the sale by proxy settings covering products whose record of sale will be sent to the Financial Administration in the name of the selected proxy at each sale. Switch Sale by proxy turn to the position ON and from the pop-up menu select the relevant subject.