Printing product price tags

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Printing product price tags

Dotypos Cloud lets you generate sheets of price tags with individual products, prices and bar codes. You can print these price tags and paste them to products.


How do I print product price tag sheets?


In the item LISTS » PRODUCTS in the top right corner click on Price tags 01.




On the right side, select the products to be placed on the price tags and use the button 04 to add them to the list on the right side. The displayed products can be limited to the category selected in the menu 02. Or you can add all items from the selected category with Add all 03. On the right side, select the figures 05to be printed on the price tags. From the pop-up menu 06 select the dimensions of the price tags. Remove the incorrectly selected product with 08, to remove all products use the button Remove list 07 .




Finally, click on the button Create 09 to generate the price tag sheet in the format .pdf. Print the document (e.g. on self-sealing paper), cut out the price tags and paste them onto products.




To print bar codes with prices, each product must have defined in its preferences a numeric EAN or PLU code. The bar codes will then be automatically generated from these numeric codes along with the prices. Prices can also include the price per unit/package. This is defined in product preferences.